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Default Wii games in 3D with NV 3D Vision

Hey guys,

Not sure if this has been discussed earlier, but found this post over at AVS Forums pretty interesting:


If you are interested in 3D Gaming or Movies at home, this is my adventure in 3D.

I recently built a new PC, top of the line 980x proc, 480gt nvidia card 12 gig ram. Anyways, I have my Nvidia card hooked up to a monitor, and a Mitsubishi 73 inch 73737 DLP TV.
As luck would have it I finally decided to discard the huge TV box in the back of my house when I noticed the 3D Ready logo on it. This got me curious, so I looked online for info on 3D, and found if you have my TV hooked up to an nvidia card all you need is Nvidia 3D Vision to get 3D! http://www.nvidia.co...ision_Main.html

Well I bought the glasses and emitter, and the demos I downloaded were AMAZING! 3D just popped out of the screen in front of me. I tried regular movies, in mkv format on the stereoscopic player and it did not make them 3D but gave them amazing depth. I watched Batman Begins, the Patriot, and they both looked stunning in 1080p and using the stereoscopic player to add depth.

Games were just incredible GTA 4 and COD MW2 both looked amazing. When you bring up the scope in COD it pops out like you are really holding a scope in fron of you.

So that was my out of the box experience. I found there was much more to do.

First I found this script that will convert 2d to true 3D (Not just adding depth) and set everything up and got it working. http://3dvision-blog...-avisynth-v0-3/
It looks really cool, but I get a lot of ghosting in the picture (ex. an arm moves forward and the 2nd image arm catches up) This causes my eyes to hurt and I just cant watch it that way.

Then something really cool that no may people have talked about. I have a Wii, and I found this Dolphin emulator. http://www.dolphin-emu.com/news.php
It requires a beefy PC but allows you to run your Wii games on your PC, in full 1080p, using Anti Aliasing, and the games look awesome, WAY better then if they were run on the Wii. ex http://www.youtube.c...h?v=3MurWPRzmzo
So this got me thinking, and I enabled my 3D vision and used this version of Dolphin http://www.mediafire.com/?tzktxzm4txn
and I can now play my Wii games in full 1080p hd and in 3D. Tiger Woods 2k10 is cool in 3D, The wii sports bowling was neat. I just got this working so I have to try some more wii games in 3D later.

My only complaint so far is the lack of s3d movies. The conversion hurts my eyes and isnt a true conversion. I hear blu ray movies in 3D are coming, can't wait to see how it goes.
I don't think every movie is meant for 3D but some will be really cool. The 3D gaming is really cool!

My next things I would like to try is to get a better conversion algorithim that clears up the ghosting issue.

Note this is not about piracy, but a great way for Wii and nvidia card owners to get more out of their low-res aliased Wii games!
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Default Re: Wii games in 3D with NV 3D Vision

why hasnt nintendo shutdown the dolphin project...Usually they are pretty an*l abt anything that can lead to piracy, especially on a current platform!!!
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Default Re: Wii games in 3D with NV 3D Vision

I'm sorry, I know it's not about piracy, but we can't be discussing emulators. Also, this thread will get out of control quickly.
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