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Default Re: LCD or Plasma TV's for xbox 360 & PS3

I will go defenitly with led for gaming and computing use because of the plasma still burning when you freeze a image or leave a same image for a long period of time.

I know that they offering white out but i reduce the life of the tv.
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Default Re: LCD or Plasma TV's for xbox 360 & PS3

Plasmas are just awesome all the way around BUT I would definitely take care, for the first 200 or so hours, with what you watch.

I have a 50 inch Samsung that has about 2500 hours on it and not a hint of burn-in. For the first 200 hours, though, I didn't play any games, watch any letterbox movies, 4:3 content or anything with a logo. It was kind of a pain in the ass, and I probably was more careful than I needed to be, but the end result is that I now play games all the time, watch letterbox movies, and tons of sports and don't have any problems with the tv at all.

Easily the best tv purchase I've ever made.
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Default Re: LCD or Plasma TV's for xbox 360 & PS3

Yeah, only bad thing about Plasma is that you have to be extra careful if you choose not to do break in for first 100 to 200 hours. Chances that you might get IR or burn in issues. If you choose to break in for 100 to 200 hours, you won't have to worry too much about it afterward.

To be honest, I have been researching a lot between LED and Plasma since I'm planning to upgrade my old HDTV. I don't really care about 3D until technology matures. I'm looking into getting this TV (Panasonic G25), it does look very nice and has gotten a lot of great reviews based on picture quality (some said almost as good as Pioneer's KURO series). It's reported that Panasonic has opted several patents and technology from Pioneer when they exited Plasmas business in 2009.

I'm a bit concerned about black level rise over time but I think it shouldn't be an big issue because it'll still look better than Samsung, Sony or other's TV.
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Default Re: LCD or Plasma TV's for xbox 360 & PS3

I've been using a Fujitsu 50" Plasma (Pioneer's glass, proprietary electronics) for 8 years for gaming. (Christ it's hard to believe it's been that long)

PC Gaming and then a PS3 when they came out.

Not a HINT of burn in, and i've been anything but careful.

Plasma has the dual benefit of zero ghosting and zero INPUT LAG, which i find even more important.

And my TV has shown me that Plasma is a rather robust technology. I KNOW that technically the phosphorous has dimmed in 8 years of viewing... but i can't see it.
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