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HI i have 3-WAY SLI GTX480*3 and im goona to put dedicated PHYSX card with this 3 card so what card is the very very best card forget the money i wanna good performance and the physx card i wanna it most be single slot what is the best single slot card for PHYSX? is ther any GTX470 or GTX465 single slot ??? or the GT240 or 9600GT enough? or i need big card for physx?

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my mother board now GIGABYTE GA-X58-UD4P and im gonna to buy GIGABTE GA-X58A-UD9 4-WAY SLI.
Thankz if any wanna post a message it is to be good if ther any attachments of some benchmarks with dedicated physx card especially 3-WAY GTX480 WITH DEDICATED PHYSX CARD.
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9800 GT
Wheres that sli physx card comparison link when you need it?

Get a 9800 GT for now and wait for a future single slot card to plug any negligible fps loss down the line if that occurs... Future proofing for a jump in required Physx power would be pointless at this moment though.

I know people like to look at pictures and stuff but honestly a 9800GT is what you want.
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well, you have two options with the ud9 motherboard. One is stay 3 way or go 4 way sli and have the nvidia control panel decide which card will do the physx processing. It's a new feature with the 25x.xx series of drivers. you get to choose which card in sli does the physx processing. What I am saying is that with the 400 series and the nvidia drivers, their is no real need to have a dedicated physx card as the option is available to do so in the drivers. As for going 4 way sli, your going to need two things. One is either a single slot gtx 470 which does exist for normal atx cases (remember the gigabyte ud9 is a xl-atx motherboard so it needs a special case for it, there is a .pdf download on the gigabyte site for what cases fit the ud9 motherboard somewhere in the ud9 product page) or if you get a proper case for the new motherboard, another dual slot gtx 480. The second thing is that is you have ample power to do so. Meaning not just the wattage of the power supply, but enough pci express power connections for 4 cards. That may mean getting a second power supply. I have a 1500 watt that is supposed to have enough connections for 3 video cards in pci express but in fact although the power supply is modular only allows for two sets of 6 and 8 pin connections. Even if you go with a gtx 200 series or below for a dedicated physx instead, you will have to make sure you have enough power connections for that even too.

here is the link for the single slot gtx 470:

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With three GTX480 I would'nt think you would need a card for the phys-x you should be able to run anything .
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