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Post Benchmarking NVidia's new Quadro 5000

Since the Fermi chipset came to reality in the GTX480 card, high end graphics professionals have had a difficult choice. They can take the latest and greatest technology, the GeForce GTX480, or go back a generation for a QuadroFX 4800 (or similar). Several of the newer CUDA applications for professionals, like the Adobe CS5 applications, only works on Quadro cards. The added performance of the Fermi chipset, tho, makes it worth it in certain applications. It's been a difficult decision time for Quadro fans.

Today, NVidia has announced that this is a difficult decision no more. They've just announced the newest generation of their popular Quadro cards using the newly designed 'Fermi' technology and combines it with the rest of the Quadro ecosystem to bring to bear a card that truly is top of its class. The core of the new offering is three new Quadro Cards:

  • Quadro 4000 ' 2GB, 256 cores
  • Quadro 5000 ' 2.5GB, 352 cores
  • Quadro 6000 ' 6GB, 448 Cores
Yep that's right. The Quadro 6000 sets a new record for video memory with 6GB available on a single card. In addition to these three, there will be a new Quadro 5000m design, which packs the regular Quadro 5000 into a mobile form factor suitable for high-end laptops without compromising functionality. Also, if you really need power, you can get the new QuadroPlex system which contains 2 Quadro6000?s for truly amazing power.

NVidia gave me one of the Quadro5000?s to review, and you can read my results below.

Read the rest of Benchmarking NVidia's new Quadro 5000 (1,248 words) (...)
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