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Default Boot failure with 256.35

Last night I upgraded to 256.35 (was running 195.36.15), and during the reboot,
as the kernel was starting up, a few lines flashed by saying something about unknown
symbols in the nvidia kernel module, then the system rebooted itself again, and so on.
Sorry I don't have more details about which symbols were missing, but it didn't stay
on the screen long enough for me to catch.

I reverted to 195.36.15, then upgraded to 195.36.31, both of which have worked fine.
Note that I didn't go looking for 256.35, rather that's what the "driver search" found
for my system when I visited the download page as usual.

I've done the nvidia-SunOS-bug-report.sh thing, but don't see a way to attach
that here -- perhaps someone can let me know where to send it. Note that this
is not an Xorg-startup failure, we never got as far as even seeing a VGA console,
let alone graphics.

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Default Re: Boot failure with 256.35

A diff of the undefined global symbols for the
32-bit driver between 195.36.31 and 256.35 shows:

< pageoffset
< pageshift
< pagesize
> _pageoffset
> _pageshift
> _pagesize
< pci_config_getb
< pci_config_getl
< pci_config_getw
< pci_config_putl
< pci_config_putw
> pci_config_get16
> pci_config_get32
> pci_config_get8
> pci_config_put16
> pci_config_put32
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Default Re: Boot failure with 256.35

Yes, trying the driver under the kernel debugger shows these undefined symbols:


That's it.
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Default Re: Boot failure with 256.35

Please try 256.44. It has a workaround to make it use the legacy versions of those symbols.
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