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Originally posted by Essense
anytime I try to play a Divx movie it crashes the player. Some things iv'e noticed though, it launches extremely fast. Much faster then the old version. It also seems to have high quality streaming video.

basically, it's getting back to v.6.4 in terms of efficiency... 8 was just sooooooo bloated, bad coding all around... I've been a huge fan of 6.4 for the longest time now.

but yeah, I do like this version... seems promising... don't like how it stole all my file associations even when I told it not to, but that fix was easy, no biggie.

umm, lets see, what else... i think that's it... can't wait to see final, this looks good so far. very sleek

btw, DivX works fine, I still have 6.4 (mplayer2.exe) which I use as well, AND:

If you went to microsoft's website, and read the little popup that came up when you attempted to dl it, you would see that microsoft made mention of uninstalling it
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I did indeed look at there uninstall instructions, you know what they where?

Use System Restore, that's it.

Guess what? I like many others have that sh1t disabled. It's a resource hog and more trouble then it's worth. That said, I did indeed try a beta product, and I did not check how to uninstall it before hand. However that dosent make it suck any less.

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Yeah... I feel like calling MS and saying...

"I've got System Restore DISABLED, you JACKASS! How's about giving me a FRIGGIN' UNINSTALLER?!"

Well, now that I think about it... SP1 might be able to uninstall it with its middleware thing.... ? Guess we'll find out on Monday (or if I'm not lazy and install SP1 today )...
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I got SP 1 today, it's somewhere on Microsoft's website, and you are able to uninstall WM9 if you need to.
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Rock On, all I wanted to know about it.
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