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Default Re: Motherboards: ASUS vs. GIGABYTE

Originally Posted by Kain View Post
Something like this?

Nope, not even close. Move that IDE plug down under the PCI slot about an inch then add another one, it had 2 ide. That was Asus.
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Default Re: Motherboards: ASUS vs. GIGABYTE

It's ASUS or Intel for me.
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Default Re: Motherboards: ASUS vs. GIGABYTE

Is this true about GIGABYTE?
I can attest to ASUS, MSI and EVGA motherboards. They are damned good boards but you gotta know how to set them up or you will **** something up expensively bad. Gigabyte is also a good one too, but unlike the other 3 mentioned, they are almost "Greenhorn Proof". Gigabyte has the features of the ones above but they also have the beginner or "don't wanna mess with it" persons in mind with the auto settings. You can pretty much put your components on there fire it up and go on and not have to worry about too much, it just works. The other three can too but as I notice on my Maximus III the memory voltage automatically set it self to 1.8v. This will fry your memory if it is rated at 1.5v or 1.65v and on an i5/i7 setup is guaranteed to kill your processor. My EVGA FTW 657KR auto sets at 1.5 but if your memory is rated for 1.65v you will have some real random BSOD's and reboots so you got to set it manually. My EVGA FTW has 12+2 PWN and my ASUS Maximus III has the same. My old MSI GD-65 P55 had 4+2 but MSI said that the quality of their military grade mosfets didn't require the extra PWNs. I got a stable 4.45ghz out of it on an i7 860 and ran it 24/7 with a Tuniq II so I'd say that they are probably right. As far as customer service, EVGA cares alot about their customers, ASUS if you can get someone from their China tech support on the horn they are very good and both on their RMA process are simple and have descent turnaround. MSI, get on their forums and READ! their tech support, meh... but there is quite a bit of excellent info and friendly people on there that will walk you thru your issues. Gigabyte, pretty well Install it and go on with your life. They either work or they don't.
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Default Re: Motherboards: ASUS vs. GIGABYTE

I concur and still stand by gigabyte. Even though my last board was free, I would buy another in a heart beat.
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Default Re: Motherboards: ASUS vs. GIGABYTE

Both my gigabytes were boot-right-up from original build, super solid, no finnicky weirdness to deal with boards both for intel and amd. A while ago, I used Asus boards and they always gave me some weird error or problem to have to try and deal with or find a fix. No more Asus for me unless they have the only good mobo on the market.
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lol wut?
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Default Re: Motherboards: ASUS vs. GIGABYTE

I've dealt with 4 different Asus boards S478, 775, 775 and a 1367 and they have never failed me. Even my P4 mobo I bought over 5 years ago is still going.
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Default Re: Motherboards: ASUS vs. GIGABYTE

Personally I usually go for Asus or EVGA, but I'm about to try out the MSI Big Bang Xpower I like the feature set and the price was right.
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Default Re: Motherboards: ASUS vs. GIGABYTE

Originally Posted by bacon12 View Post
I concur and still stand by gigabyte. Even though my last board was free, I would buy another in a heart beat.
Mine wasn't free, but I wouldn't hesitate to buy another either.
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Talking Re: Motherboards: ASUS vs. GIGABYTE

I have used DFI, ASUS, ABIT, MSI, and Giga-byte. I will never buy a DFI or MSI motherboard again. ABIT is dead, so not gonna use them again either

I tried Giga-byte at first because they seemed to embrace the enthusiast before ASUS. Giga-byte, from what I remember, offered user-adjustable BIOS and board settings before ASUS did. Also, not sure if this has changed or not, but BIOS updates used to be non-existant from ASUS.

I have had one ASUS board die one me, none of my Giga-byte boards have ever died on me.

I like ASUS and Giga-byte, but I prefer Giga-byte - so +1 for Giga-byte.
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Default Re: Motherboards: ASUS vs. GIGABYTE

I don't think I prefer one over the other. Had about 4 Asus boards and this is my 1st Gigabyte. The RoG range always look great and have great specs, but you pay over the odds for em. But there's something about this Gigabyte board that gives me a lot of confidence in it, but I can't quite put my finger on what it is. For that rather vague reason I'll be sticking with Gigabyte for a bit.
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Default Re: Motherboards: ASUS vs. GIGABYTE

better quality components for one on gigabyte
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Default Re: Motherboards: ASUS vs. GIGABYTE

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