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Angry Problem with Geforce 480 and 256.* drivers


I recently bought a new Alienware system with a Geforce 480 (it was for someone else, so no newegg). I installed 64-bit Fedora 13 with the most recent kernel, and tried the then-current 256.44 driver first.

The problem was that I could start X for the first time fine, but after exiting from X, text output on the console would be very slow, and X would not start up again without rebooting first. I'm not sitting at that computer right now, so I don't have the exact error message, but it was along the lines of the kernel module being unable to initialize the graphics card.

I downgraded to 256.35, and the problem persisted.

As a last try, I downgraded to a 195.x driver from Nvidia's archives, and that fixed the issue. I can now start and restart X to my heart's content, and the graphical display looks fine.

However, it seems that the 480's performance is poor. I haven't done exact measurements yet (again, not my computer), but drawing a VBO-based indexed triangle set with a few million triangles and two-sided lighting is noticeably slower than doing the same thing on my own computer, which has pretty much the same hardware (core i7, 6GB RAM), but a Geforce 280 GTX and the 256.44 driver instead.

When using a GLSL-based raycasting volume renderer, performance is about on par with the 280. Both these seem strange, as the 480 was described as being significantly faster than the 280.

Anybody else noticed this? Any thoughts? I can't append logs right now, but I looked through the Xorg log, and nothing strange jumped out at me. One weird thing is that, at least using the 256.x drivers, the card's BIOS version as displayed in /proc/driver/nvidia/cards/0 was not a number, but ??.??.??...
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