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Default Re: Performance Regressions within NVIDIA 260.x

I have ION1 (like 9400M) and for me VDPAU is even faster than at 195 or 256 series

VDPAU test - 190
VDPAU test - 195
VDPAU test - 256
VDPAU test - 260

PS: it seems that VDPAU testing tool thread is very helpfull and suprisingly informative - I've never tought that I will have this same gfx card trought such variety of driver series and could compare it someday
  • Linux Debian Sid x86_64/ 3.2.0
  • Lenovo T61p
  • NVIDIA driver 295.33
  • Xorg/XServer 7.6+12/1.11.4
  • GNOME 3.2.2
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Default Re: Performance Regressions within NVIDIA 260.x

After some investigation it appears that the driver is not slower but after using my computer for a few hours (not necessarily VDPAU app) it goes very slow with VDPAU. But if I kill my X server it goes smooth again. Strange....
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