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Default Solaris 10 - Quadro FX 5800 - Dell 3008WFP

Hi all,

First, my config :

- Sun Ultra 27 (Nehalem 3370) workstation ;
- one Quadro FX 5800 ;
- two monitors, a Sun LCD 24-inch and now a Dell 30-inch 3008WFP ;
- Solaris 10 U8.

Since an entire year, i use this all, but without the Dell monitor, successfully and without any problem : essentially 3D modelling, rendering of course in large formats, also some 3D animation tools : FlightGear, WorldWind, GoogleEarth in VirtualBox, that means relatively slow things.

This summer i get and add the 3008WFP monitor. At this point, the problem is hard artefacts with must times total freezing, depending of several things. Assuming that i tested a lot of drivers, screen configurations, that the thermal captors gives normal (low) indications, that Memtest is OK, that fmdump also gives nothing bad, i will describe a little the whole phenomen :

- with the two monitors, i can actually work 5 or 6 hours without 3D accel usage, only command line actions or Internet. After, i get the freezing. With 3D, the problem comes faster, immediately or not, depending of the window size.

- with the only one 3008WFP, it's much better, but comes also. But i can, beginning after reboot with FlightGear, use it one or two hours perfectly.

- with the only one 24-inch Sun, and the other monitor hardly disconnected, if i good understand the situation is the same as before, i.e. OK.

Now the question is to see if my Quadro FX has something wrong or not, if that all has to see with Solaris, with the graphic driver, etc. A good thing would be to test the memory of the graphic card, but i don't know how make that. Of course i investigated into the station, cleaned as possible but all seemed particularly proper.

Another thing is to try several xorg.conf options, but there is a lot, and i have no idea about what from their can be useful for my problem.

Has anyone please any idea about what i can try in several ways ?


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