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Default Re: OpenGL is too slow on Ubuntu 10.04LTS

Originally Posted by cervo View Post
Thank you for your reply.

I have attached Xorg.0.log on Fedora 14 on this article.
X server works normal.y.
There is no error in the log.

glxgear score is 87352 on GTX 460.

Maybe, I made mistake in operation of nvidia-bug-report.sh.

However our software is still slow on Fedora or Ubuntu.
I have this output on Debians glxgears:

$ glxgears 
Running synchronized to the vertical refresh.  The framerate should be
approximately the same as the monitor refresh rate.
11779 frames in 5.0 seconds = 2355.668 FPS
You mean the frames or the fps score?
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Default Re: OpenGL is too slow on Ubuntu 10.04LTS

Originally Posted by ShiningArcanine View Post
Try running it on Sabayon Linux. I believe that the Nvidia drivers for Linux and FreeBSD have a great deal in common, so if it is also slow on Sabayon Linux, then then I think this could be some sort of kernel regression.
I'm not sure I would go that route just yet.

There's a lot of variables going from one distribution to the next which could account for the issue long before the kernel becomes a factor. Since hardware looks to be the same between tests, that definitely narrows down the playing field a bit.

I would look into a few things:

1.) Check to make sure no daemon/module is currently limiting the CPU's speed. (cpuspeed/cpudyn, etc) OpenGL is largely CPU bound and will definitely show dropped frames and stuttering if you're not using performance mode. (Indeed, you could even try switching to cpufreq-performance)

2.) Make certain no other useless programs are hogging the CPU - or, even useful programs doing the same. top, htop, dstat, all useful programs toward this goal.

3.) Make sure MTRR/AGPGART information and settings are consistent between flavors. This may be the crouching setting, hidden menace you would not think to look at.

Those would definitely come to mind far quicker than a kernel issue. While I wouldn't rule a kernel issue out, I would seriously doubt that's the case. I'm using a 2.6.36 series kernel at the moment (not quite bleeding edge, but considered stable according to Gentoo) and it's more than stable/fast for my purposes.

There are other tweaks you can look into, but I think that's bordering on a bit higher level knowledge that is best not to be tampered with unless you understand the ramifications. If you're looking for end-user level experience, it's definitely good to at least see what 'default' settings do. If you can narrow down the cause, you can then take it to the distribution and say "Hey, I'm a developer and I noticed x, y, z causing performance issues. (insert proof) I did testing on f, g, and h platforms (and/or kernel versions/distributions) (insert proof). I took steps a, b, and c to correct it. (insert proof) Can you look into this?"

One or more of a few things will happen:

1.) You will be told to read the FAQ for your distribution that covers this issue.
2.) You will need to work with folks who understand the problem and can tell you if this is a setting issue you can fix.
3.) You will need to provide greater level diagnostics and testing during problem, testing, and resolution phases.
4.) You will not receive a response because it could be considered an edge case and not worth digging around to find information.
5.) You will be connected to a person who can address the issue and tells you which patch this was either introduced in or will be fixed within.
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