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Default Re: Xbox 360 questions

Originally Posted by dairy hick View Post
1. Does the Slim have any known equivalent to the RRoD?

2. If I hook it up through HDMI-->DVI to my Atlona miniDP-->DVI adaptor will that work?

3. What are the scaling options like?

If you were looking for good, measured information regarding the 360 you really came to the wrong place, nv news is dominated by ps3 fans (and some kids who think their choice in console can cure cancer).

To your questions:

1. Yes, it is one red dot in the middle now. However the build quality since the 360 was introduced so many years ago has greatly improved. MS has also implemented heat sensors on the hardware so that when people run it in a closed enclosure, it can tell that it is getting too hot and turns off before damage is done. That being said each 360 has a one year warranty from purchase. I bought a 360 slim when they came out and sold one of my two other units to a friend for $50, it has been working like a champ and I use it a lot.

2. It should, however realize what you are doing is fiddling connectors along the way but simply using them as a dvi pass through. If that arrangement works for your pc, chances are that it will work for the 360 too. Remember that DVI does not carry audio signals. If you are simply looking to display the signal from the 360 on to your apple display cinema, you should be able to simply use a hdmi->dp adapter.

3. The 360 has a very flexible hardware scaler that will, scale from virtually anything to virtually anything. In a significant number of cases the 360 hardware scaler does a better job than scalers built into a large number of television sets. However mileage may vary.
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