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Default IA32 designation?

I am puzzled as to why these drivers are listed as IA32. The IA32 designation is for an Itanium processor. do these drivers work on processors other than IA32 or do they simply include IA32 processors. The arch is quite different but if they will work I will be happy.

** edit here **
speaking of the 1.0-4363 drivers
** end edit ** ( sorry for the original omission )

Dual 1 gig xeon procs
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nVidia Geforce FX 5200 card
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2.4.18-3 kernel

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That is where you are wrong. IA-32 implies the Intel Architecture instruction set for 32-bit processors. Every 32-bit x86 processor understands the IA-32 instruction set. IA-64 refers to the Itanium (64-bit) line, hence the "64" designation.

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