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Unhappy Dual monitor with stereo?

I'm a VR researcher/developer. Our particular "Wedge" system uses two walls in active stereo, so we need a 3D graphics system which can do two screens both with hardware accelerated OpenGL and quad buffered stereo. Right now it runs off either an SGI Onyx or a PC with a Wildcat graphics card.

The nVidia Quadro4s are advertised as handling two screens and with quad buffered stereo, standard emitter. So I convinced my boss to buy a Quadro4 750 to try out.

The README for the latest nVidia driver says that stereo over TwinView requires both monitors to have identical multimode timing rates. After futzing around with the XF86Config-4 file I eventually got that going, only to see in the log file:

> Onboard stereo requested (DIN connector)
> ...
> NVIDIA(0): Stereo is not available in TwinView

If I disconnect the second monitor, stereo does work.

According to the README, if I disable TwinView, hardware accelerated rendering is only possible on the first screen.

Neither of these is any use whatsoever.

So, have I just forgotten something in the configuration? Would trading up to a different model card work? Or do I paint "SUCKER" across my forehead and buy a Wildcat?

Hugh Fisher
Dept Computer Science
Australian National University
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Sent: Friday, July 25, 2003 6:39 PM
Subject: New Linux Graphics Driver for NVIDIA.com

We are posting a new Linux graphics driver to NVIDIA.com on Monday, July 28, 2003. The new driver will be version 1.0-4496.

The Release Highlights are:
GeForce FX 5900 support
support for Active Stereo + TwinView
Initial support for APM power management
Improved OpenGL performance when rendering to multiple buffers (such as when using a stereo visual and rendering to GL_LEFT_AND_RIGHT).
Is the bold item above likely to solve your problem? http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_d..._1.0-4496.html
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Driver 1.0-4496 does indeed solve the stereo with TwinView problem. Thanks.
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