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Default Ubuntu 10.04 freeze on X start

I am trying to install a geforce fx 5500 AGP card on a biostar k8m800 Micro AM2 motherboard
With a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.04 AMD64 desktop with current updates everything works fine until I enable the nvidia driver (173.14.22) after that, boot appears to proceed normally until X starts at which point the computer hangs and only a power reset will restart it. If I boot in recovery mode and delete xorg.conf, the x starts fine (without the nvidia drivers). I tried manually installing 173.14.27 with the same results.

This card worked on this machine with Ubuntu 8.04 AMD64 and the nvidia driver (not sure which version it was).

I've attached bug-report and installer log.

Any help would be appreciated. My apologies in advance if I'm just being dumb.
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Default Re: Ubuntu 10.04 freeze on X start

bump. Anybody?
Here's what I'm really trying to do. I need two displays, one of which is s-video out. I originally had a GeForce FX 5200 PCI card, but sometime over the summer TV-out support for this card broke in the 173.14.xx driver. The GeForce FX 5500 works (including TV-out)in a different computer running 32bit Ubuntu 10.04 with the 173.14.22 driver

I'm able to get this card (the GeForce FX 5500) to work with the nouveau driver as long as I turn acceleration off, but xrandr doesn't work to change the tv-out mode to ntsc - it's stuck at pal. As mentioned earilier, the nvidia driver causes an immediate x-crash/system lockup.

TV-out on the 5200 PCI card does not work on either machine under Ubuntu 10.04, but both cards work perfectly (including TV-out) under Windows XP (with Nvidia driver)

Here are possible scenarios that would work for me:
1. Nvidia linux driver support for TV-out for the GeForce FX 5200 PCI
2. Working 10.04 Ubuntu with Nvidia driver and GeForce FX 5500 AGP
3. Ability to change TV mode to NTSC in Xrandr (FX 5500)
4. Ability to Enable TV-1 output and change mode to NTSC in xrandr (FX 5200)

Here's what doesn't work for me:
1. Run Windows
2. Buy all new hardware

Any help with any of this would be appreciated.

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