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Post 3 Great Free Games For Kids New To Gaming

What do you do when the kids of your non-geek friends want to play on your computer? These kids are desperate to play games, but they're utterly unprepared skills-wise for most of the games you've got. You need to find something quick ' and it had best be nice and easy for them!

All kids go through this phase at some point: when they're keen to play but can't keep up with the pace of fast games; when they're not yet well-versed in the different types of game play; when they're too old for the toddler games and too young for the teenager games. It's tough to find games for them quickly ' and even harder when you know they're ready to play RIGHT NOW. Better be ready for them!

When looking for free Internet games for kids or any beginner gamers, try to stick to games which:

  • allow them to take their time to press the buttons.
  • don't take too much co-ordination.
  • are as intuitive as possible.
  • don't disqualify them from future play.
  • let them move on to a new area or level whether or not they did well.
  • have some sort of movement, colour and sound in the background.
Here's some great free Internet games for primary school kids, some of which are just as much fun for adults wanting an easy game to play.

1. Amanita Design Games

Amanita Design is the company behind Machinarium, Samorost and Samorost 2. These flash games are beautiful to look at, simple to get the hang of and very decent puzzles. This combination makes them great for a young kid ' as long as you stick around to help them with the harder puzzles.

The first part of the game is free to play online or you can buy them to keep for a small amount. Let the kids try Amanita Design's smaller flash games too. As an added bonus, the soundtrack for Machinarium is available for free.

Similar to this:

2. Tux Games

Our favourite penguin is multi-platform, free kid-entertainment goodness. The kids can also play in practise mode for as long as they need to.

The Tux Racer and Tux Kart games need no explanation ' just race! Goodies can be collected along the way, but even a brand new gamer will work that out ' just let them play.

Similar to this:

3. PopCap Games

Decent-length trials of many of PopCap's games can be played forfree online. These are ideal for a new gamer as they're easy to learn and can be played for a really long time before they get bored.

Bejeweled and BookWorm are perfect games for primary school kids. While playing BookWorm they might even learn something.

Need More? Try these games:

Hopefully, by the time the kids have the hang of these games they'll be ready to move on to faster, more difficult games. Let us know your favourite free kids games in the comments!
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Default Re: 3 Great Free Games For Kids New To Gaming

Thank for these nice games......
Amanita Design Games
Tux Games
PopCap Games
actually these game are very famous in kids...
Treasure Hunt Game For Kids

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