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Default Global Agenda - 30% Sale + 30% Discount

The sale is in celebration of their purchase of the Tribes Franchise and this week's Halloween Event. If you were hesitating about getting Global Agenda, now's your chance! Sales will be ending shortly.

Global Agenda is having a special 30% off sale.
In addition to that, you can stack 30% coupons with the 30% discount!
However, promotion ends soon.

That's right! If you buy from the Global Agenda Store and use the 30% off coupon code, you'll get the game for about $14 during this sale.

*Plus they are giving away a unique Grim Reaper Flair for new people who sign up during this event*
And if you’re already a player, don’t forget the big Halloween event with even more chances to earn plenty of exclusive Halloween flair!

If you're thinking about buying Global Agenda, be sure to use the coupon codes below which give you 30% off that stack with the 30% sale.

30% Discount Coupon Codes:

Codes are one-time use and will be updated regularly to ensure everyone gets a chance to get in on this amazing exclusive offer.

Coupons are only valid when used towards purchases made in the Global Agenda Store.

For those that don't know Global Agenda is a FPSMMO. Developed by Hi-Rez Studios, Global Agenda is an MMO shooter based in a 22nd century world where player created factions struggle against each other for power. Simultaneously, they fight in opposition to a totalitarian world government bent on domination. Built on the popular and durable Unreal 3 Engine, Global Agenda promises fast-action PvP, a dynamic, player-driven world, strategy elements, robots and more!
It has a big following (worldwide) and once you buy the game it's free to play and no monthly fees. (Kinda like guild Wars) There is also a free to play trial if you want to test the game out first before you decide... which is nice.

They are not in financial dire straights like APB was and they have a lot of future content they have planned so the company seems to know what it is doing. Even in a few months they already added a lot to the game (full outdoor open zone, new gear, etc etc). They already proved overall more successful than APB and Crimecraft... which was their 2 biggest competitors so I think this game has a decent future to it. I am still playing and I like it. it's a fun way to spend a couple hours without feeling stuck stayin up for a raid or forced to stay awake to help friends do 5 hour long dungeon run quests. Missions usually take 10-15 minutes each. PvP/Raids are about the same too.

GA is a nice mix of casual and hardcore mmo.
There is 4 player classes (assault: which is a tank, robotics: which is like pet class, recon: which is DPS, medic: which is the healer) You have to level up to lev 50 in this game (to be able to wear gear and get skills points), but it's fairly easy to do. There is also different tier equipment (armor/weaps/tools/clothing/dyes/pets) in this game you can get (ex: purple epic items). Unlike WoW games, leveling and getting gear doesn't feel like a hardcore grind fest here. You win a mission/raid/pvp round and you frequently get rewarded a random stat epic item (for your class)... it's nice. Best yet, you can pick pve/raids/pvp to level up and get gear. You don't have to feel stuck doing just one thing. The PvP has a lot of different modes (too many to list.. but on par with many team based FPS genres).

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Default Re: Global Agenda - 30% Sale + 30% Discount

buying now.
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