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Default Re: nvidia and the wayland display server

Originally Posted by RAMChYLD View Post
Why wouldn't NVidia just support the Wayland protocol?
To my knowledge, on the output side, Wayland only needs the OpenGL or OpenGL/ES protocol with the "render to texture" extension. This is already there in the nvidia linux driver. However, that one only works in the context of a whole X-Server. Many embedded systems come with OpenGL/ES libraries that directly render to the framebuffer (i.e. AMD z430 or the Vivante GPU). However, I heard that nvidia uses a different approach for the Tegra3: it first needs to load and execute some sort of "server" (maybe a minimized X-server? BTW.: starting this server allegedly takes several seconds. With the other GPUs, you can boot into an OpenGL application in half a second - that's pretty important in the automotive area).

For Desktop systems, I don't see an issue Waylind is initially running on top of a full blown OpenGL enabled X-server that provides the required extension. Ok, this contradicts the basic idea of Wayland a little bit, but I personally wouldn't care too much at the beginning. This way, Wayland can get started with nvidia hardware+software without nvidia being involved. And in case Wayland gains momentum over the years, then this may put some pressure on nvidia to provide Framebuffer-OpenGL libraries like the rest of the industry does.


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