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Default Warface

This game is announced today in S. Korea.

Warface, co-developed by Crytek Seoul, is a free-to-play PC-exclusive military shooter set in the near future. It offers a "cinematic experience with next gen visuals, AI and physics".

It is indeed based on CryENGINE 3. There's a "constantly updated extensive" player versus environment universe, with multiplayer and co-op missions. There's a full set of class-based player versus player, too.

Warface is a PC exclusive "especially dedicated to the Korean and other Asian markets".

"Our passion is to always deliver the best gaming experience possible. That's why we opened our Crytek Korea office in 2008, which today enables us to offer a game that is tailored to suit its market. We're excited to debut with Warface in South Korea and to deliver a compelling and truly unique experience soon." said Cevat Yerli, CEO & President of Crytek.

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Default Re: Warface

Korean and other Asian markets ? does this mean we'll never see this in the US ??
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Default Re: Warface

Looks interesting. Hope it will come to all other countries
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Default Re: Warface

If they manage the game in the same fashion as those big korean companies like NEXON does... it will be a total failure... the most exciting graphics and then... laggy game, 0 responsiveness from the developers but, of course, what's getting the most up-to-date fixes is the cash shop for upgrades xD

Honestly, I hope it's not like that -.-
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Default Re: Warface

Interesting, Crytek South Korea... Hopefully if it's successful it will make its way to the US.
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Default Re: Warface

Certainly looks pretty.
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Default Re: Warface

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