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Default overscan problem when using hdmi on laptop with nvidia gtx 260m

I run Slackware 13.1 with the most current nvidia driver for my gpu. I use my laptop's HDMI output to use a 46" HDTV as a monitor. When I start the computer up, everything looks fine on the laptop's screen, but on the TV its badly scaled - about an inch of pixels on each side is offscreen. I adjust the overscan by 100 in nvidia-settings, which solves it only while the current session is active. If I end a session or log out or whatever, it resets and I have to redo the overscan. I cannot figure out how to set it to automatically add the 100 correction that I need.

And, I've noticed that the output is just a little fuzzy on the tv screen, not the perfectly crystal clear image I get on my windows partition (same gpu, same computer, latest driver). Is this also fixable?
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Default Re: overscan problem when using hdmi on laptop with nvidia gtx 260m

There are a couple things you might try. If you add a script that runs "nvidia-settings --load-config-only", to the login scripts for your desktop environment, it should restore the nvidia-settings to the last change you made.

Another possible option, depending on the tv, is to configure the hdmi port you are using to be in PC mode, which will turn off the overscan on that port on the tv. My tv, a philips 47in has such a setting called "PC Mode", that can be assigned to a particular hdmi port. This is the ideal solution if your tv supports it since scaling would not be needed on the card, and will probably give you the crisper look you want.
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