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Default Re: New Desktop - Suggestions for a Nvidia card ?

I recently upgraded from a 8400GS(G86) to a GT240 (512MB DDR5, I don't know the chip's name) and I'm very pleased with it, though I didn't try any mid/high-end card to compare.

See the indie game Amnesia, for example. With the 8400GS I had to play it at lowest settings (1680x1050) while with the GT240 I have it at the highest ones. Specially things like parallax mapping were terribly slow with the 8400GS.
It is also a PureVideo feature set C card, so no limitations on video formats/sizes. It's also very quiet and low power (so I was told; never actually measured power consumption).
In desktop usage I noticed a very improved experience (KWin with effects enabled).
I'm always several years behind in gaming, so I don't actually need mid/high-end cards. This card sure fulfills my expectations. I always try to pick the cheapest of the newest technology.
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Default Re: New Desktop - Suggestions for a Nvidia card ?

A 8400GS is a very slow card anyway so it's not surprising. If you're on a budget and don't need the extra performance for the latest games, then a GT240 will be fine.
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Default Re: New Desktop - Suggestions for a Nvidia card ?

I strongly recommend the GT430 over the GT220.

It's faster, smaller, cooler and supports HD audio passthru.
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