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Default Problems with the 260 series locking up my laptop.

I've tried 260.19.12 and 260.19.21 both on new installs, and I am having the same issue. After awhile, my graphics will freeze and then just lock up my machine altogether. At first, I thought that it was my laptop, but I rolled back to 173.14.28, and I have yet to have a lockup. I reinstalled Suse 11.3 numerous times, and the same thing has happened.

Has this happened to anyone else? If so, is there a fix for this?

One more thing: Before a lockup, I've noticed that my laptop is putting out more hot air than at any other time. With the older drivers, this does not happen.

My card is a 9600M GS. I am using OpenSUSE 11.3 64-bit.
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Default Re: Problems with the 260 series locking up my laptop.

Can you ping/ssh to your laptop when it "locks up"?

Do your logs contain any OOPS/kernel panic/any other information after you reboot your laptop?

Can you attach nvidia-bug-report information?
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