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Default Debugging 1-2sec freeze occuring with no apparent reason

Hi all,

Since a few months, KDE often freezes randomly for 2-3 secondes. It seems to occur when moving the mouse, either to move/resize a window, or to move the pointer from one window to another. It often happen when I play around with with Dophin, Okular, Gwenview, OpenOffice, or the 3D molecular viewer UCSF Chimera which extensively uses OpenGL. I initially attributed this annoying behavior to the NVIDIA driver 256.44 [https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=102202]. Unfortunately, it was still here with the 256.53, and is still not solved with 260.19.29. Nothing in dmesg, /var/log/message, /var/log/Xorg.0.log, or ~/.xsession.errors. I noticed that the System Load Viewer plasmoid I embedded in the task bar reports a very high load on one core when this problem occurs. I tried to monitor further the activity of the machine with top and iotop, but the output of both is frozen as well.

After hibernation, playing with nvidia-settings/powermizer seems to help. These freezes mainly occur with the packaged binary driver, but also, less frequently, with the official binary driver. This is however probably subjective.

Hardware details : Dell M6400 w/
- nVidia Corporation G94M [Quadro FX 2700M]
- Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Extreme CPU Q9300

Software details: Arch Linx x86_64 (I update it daily):
- KDE 4.5.4
- lib32-nvidia-utils 260.19.29-2
- nvidia 260.19.29-1
- nvidia-utils 260.19.29-1
- kernel26
- xorg-server 1.9.2-2

What else would be needed in order to help identifying the problem ?


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Default Re: Debugging 1-2sec freeze occuring with no apparent reason

Hi! Can you confirm you're experiencing the same bug as me?


I was like 4 topics beneath
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