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Default Just saw a BFG 5800 Ultra at a local Best Buy

I just came back from my local Best Buy in South Florida. While I was there, I was surprised to see a GeForceFX 5800 sitting on the shelf for $399. It was in the pre-order box I saw back in February. It was a BFG box with 5800 Ultra on a sticker on the bottom right corner. It may have been a return Best Buy was trying to resell.I wonder how many of these things were made. It'll probably be a collector's item some day but that's about all its good for now.
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It'll probably be a collector's item some day but that's about all its good for now.
I don't know, our dustbuster died not too long ago.
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Default Re: Just saw a BFG 5800 Ultra at a local Best Buy

Originally posted by Maverickman
I wonder how many of these things were made.
I think it was about 100,000 give or take. As for collector's item, probably if you bought it and didn't open the box ever. And even then it wouldn't be one for a couple years.
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A 100.000 cards are a lot of collector's items. When you look at real collector's items like Voodoo5-6000 (became a collector's item almost straight away and there were never more than a hundred made) and Rampage (for all I know there only exists 2 working prototypes in the world) a hundred-thousand are a lot of cards...

Will get one of those NV30's in a couple of years though...

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100,000 NV30s is what I heard, too.

50K = Quadro FX (no breakdown of FX 1000 vs FX 2000)
15K = FX 5800 Ultra
35K = FX 5800
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it may hold its value at around $100 as a collectors item for years to come, not rare enough though
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