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Default vsync, twinview, composite


I keep finding conflicting statements or 6-12 month old references to work that will be done in the future, or will be done during 2010. Question is, is it not possible to have vsync on both displays with twinview setup, and desktop effects enabled?

Edit: Oddly, KDE desktop effects allows me to at least use xv video output and avoid tearing on second screen. Same vo in gnome with compiz enabled gives tearing. VDPAU under either desktop environment also gives tearing, regardless of VDPAU_NVIDIA_SYNC_DISPLAY_DEVICE variable.

Edit again:

It seems I can only get vsync on one screen while in twinview. And, I can only get it on the screen that is connected to the first connector on my 9600GT. __GL_SYNC_DISPLAY_DEVICE changes nothing. It always syncs to the screen connected to the first connector, no matter what I do. I'm using one CRT and one DFP. Changing primary x screen in nvidia settings also has no effect. It still always syncs to whatever screen I have connected to the first connector on the graphics card.

All I really need is for it to sync to the second connector instead, since I can live without vsync on my application monitor, but can't stand tearing in movies I'm watching on my plasma.

Edit FIXED (sort of):

Well, using two separate x screens running metacity on plasma tv and compiz on the other I can now use vdpau and everything seems to be working. So far p)
sleep 5
DISPLAY=:0.0 compiz --only-current-screen --replace &

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