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Question GTX 560 Ti linux driver ?

I have got Gigabyte GTX 560 Ti card and I need to say I am deeply impressed. I get from 30 deg. Celsius in idle to max 60 degs under full graphics details, 4x anisotropic on 1920x1200 in three modern games that overheated my previous ATI HD4850 even on low details 1024x???. Great card.

However as I use my PC dual boot, with linux as the production environment during working day, I need to get driver working under Linux. I successfully compiled recent kernel (2.36.3) and used it's source to compile recent nvidia driver (260.19.36) via corresponding .run

I expected that, because of declared backwards compatibility of all cards, I will at worse miss some features, but the most of card will work nicely with driver capable of 4xx series. But no joy! Analyzing attached installation log I concluded, that the module won't even install, if the given card is not explicitly listed in it. It is similar to windows drivers, where I experienced, that I was not able to pre-install nvidia drivers into Windows XP until I physically received and installed the card into PC...

So there are some topics, I would like to discuss:

Primary goal:
Is there some usable driver for GTX 560 Ti installable into linux platform (Debian, x86_64, 2 core SMP to be exact)? If so, please, supply link to it. If not, please, is there some workaround how to make recent driver install even if not finding card in the explicit compatibility list?

Secondary comment:
It would be nice on both platforms, if, in the case the corresponding/compatible device is not found actually present in the hardware, to just pop up some widget with "Do you really know what you are doing ? Continue/Cancel" allowing to install anyways. Or is there some important reason for not allowing so ? Does the driver need some special/specific HW addresses or so?

One more question:
Should overall answer be "wait until new driver release", could you, please, advise me with the expectable release date (month is sufficient). Is there some thread I can subscribe to to get fast announcement once driver will be released?

Thank you for your time and any clues you will eventually suply.
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Default Re: GTX 560 Ti linux driver ?

Please see http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=122606. The most recent BETA driver release is 270.18, which I believe should work with your GPU.
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