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Default A few questions on Nvidia

I have just downloaded Ubuntu 10.10 and my VIA/s3g unichrome pro k8m800 APG in my Emachine T3104 freezes and I have to reboot to start Ubuntu over again(gets old). I can get a Nvideo Geforce4 mx440 APG for real cheap. When I put it in, will Ubuntu 10.10 have the drivers that will automatically install(I want it easy). Or if they don't, will Nvidia have them? If I get them from Nvidea, will they automatically install if I download them? One more question I see code in boxes in linux comment groups, do you copy and paste them to the terminal, is that what program you use and is that what is considered the command line. If you have two different boxes with code, do you enter the first box in terminal then push enter then put the second box of code in terminal and push enter again. Sorry for the simple questions, You might of guessed that I'm new to this. Ițll take any and all advice
Thank you
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Default Re: A few questions on Nvidia

Hi, Geforce 4 MX? WOW, that's going way back. Anyway, I had to install Ubuntu for a few friends and one of them had that super, fast, hightech card of you want (hehe). After installing Ubuntu, it will tell you, that there are restricted drivers for your card. You can then choose the driver you need. It's going to be 17x.xx something, I think. Ubuntu will tell you which one is recommended anyway, so no need to download and setup anything yourself. Just pick the one recommended and Ubuntu will do the rest for you automatically.

You're new to Ubuntu, right? I would highly suggest you grab a LTS (Long Term Support - 10.04) version. I have tried giving new ppl the newest/best of Ubuntu, but often those versions are not as stable as the LTS version (LTS= focus on stability and the other ones = newer stuff but less stable). That's just me, though. It's your choice.
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