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Default Flickering screen & X freeze with 270.18 driver

With 270.18 installed, when I go to http://theage.drive.com.au/motor-new...209-1amm5.html (in Firefox in Ubuntu 10.10), the entire screen flickers like crazy and X is unresponsive for for 15-20 seconds. X eventually recovers, but trying to scroll the page makes it happen again. I went back to the 269.19.36 driver and the page renders fine.

Does this happen for anyone else?
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Default Re: Flickering screen & X freeze with 270.18 driver

Nope, works fine here...
270.18 on Debian sid + Iceweasel 3.6.13
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Default Re: Flickering screen & X freeze with 270.18 driver

I've sometimes some flickers (on both screen where the screen becomes black for half a second), also the geometry in games seems to become weird for the half a second after the flicker, and mostly when the system is loaded for swap or allocation requests it may happen x freezes entirely for a while.
I think such issues seems to happen more with the system on load, with high temperatures and when the system is switching the speed of the main cpu frequently (so I'm not certain if the issue is related to hardware). Usually removing heavy software like games or similar will make the system go back to normality immediately.
here with ubuntu 10.10 and kernel 2.6.38-rc4 (but also the previous stable and all the previous rc)

With your site I've no issues for now.
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