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Default GT240 problems playing Darksiders

I'm having really weird glitches in this game, here's 2 screenshots:

Now, i don't think these are caused by the GPU overheating, as i use HWmonitor and EVGA Precission to monitor temp on my system, and the max temp of the GPU after 4-5 hours of load is 71º playing Assassins Creed 2 or Arkham Asylum.

Tried with many drivers, from 197 to the latest Beta, and the problem persist with 2 games Darksiders and Dead Space, Darksiders starts normally, but after 10-15 minutes, glitches start to appear, sometimes even freezing my system to the point that i have to do a hard reset, other times changing the resolution in the game's options does the trick... for another 10 minutes until they appear again¡¡¡

Whereas in Dead Space i had this problem in just one particular area of the game with lots of flashing lights but it didn't crash, i could fix it by just changing the resolution.

So.. as i'm having these severe problems only with this game, a faulty PSU is not an option i guess, also never had any errors pointing to a faulty Ram either, it just happened with these 2 games, and in Darksiders is so severe it renders the game unplayable (pun intended).

My card is a EVGA GT240 Superclocked 512 Mb DDR5
I'm using Xp SP3 32 bits, 2 gigs of A-DATA RAM, and a C2D, PSU 500w, not a fancy one but i don't think it could be a problem since this card is not power hungry and i don't have anything else leeching voltage, just the Videocard and HD.
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Default Re: GT240 problems playing Darksiders

try updating directX and using the latest WHDL drivers for your card.
Try using MSI Afterburner to monitor the speed/temperature of the card.

It is a superclock card, try lowering its frequencies a bit using afterburner and see how it behaves.
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