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Default Need help with drivers

This is the problem I run" lspci -v" which checks all drivers on my system and more. It says kernel driver in use: nouveau
then under that it says kernel modules: nvidia recent,nvidia-96,nouveau,nvidiafb
So what it looks like I have 3-4 drivers for my video card loaded and one, nouveau, being used. I think they conflict with each other. I'm trying to add drivers other then nouveau, because the mouse freezes with nouveau. At this point I can't seem to get rid of nouveau, I go to terminal and type"sudo apt-get --purge remove xserver-xorg-video-nouveau" and it says that it's not loaded so I can't dump it. "lspci-v" says nouveau is the driver being used and trying to dump it it says it isn't installed. ?????????confused. I want to dump nouveau, what should I do? I also go into Synaptic package manager and it isn't listed as being installed. All help exepted!
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Default Re: Need help with drivers

lspci just lists the drivers that CAN handle your card not just the one that IS handling your card

presuming you use Ubuntu, for the nvidia driver use: http://www.futuredesktop.org/#step4
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Default Re: Need help with drivers

you give very little information about your system, but maybe you gave enough.

you need to prevent the nouveau driver from being loaded at boot time by adding "nouveau.blacklist=TRUE" to your boot command.
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