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Default Linux Driver for the 2000M

Can someone tell me if a Linux driver (SLED 11 SP1 if you're interested) is available for the Quadro 2000M and if not when it will be?

Thank you
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Default Re: Linux Driver for the 2000M

This GPU is supported by 270.30 drivers.
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Default Re: Linux Driver for the 2000M

For any notebook GPU, please check with the manufacturer of the notebook to make sure that it does not use any kind of hybrid graphics solution (e.g. Optimus), and if it does use hybrid graphics, please make sure that there is a way to disable the hybrid graphics and use the discrete NVIDIA GPU only. The system must be able to POST to the NVIDIA GPU and scan out from it.

The list of supported GPUs is meant to indicate which specific GPU chips are supported. Notebook manufacturers might incorporate a supported GPU into a design that might prevent the Linux driver from working correctly with that GPU. Ideally, check with the notebook manufacturer to see what operating systems they have tested their systems with: if they haven't done any testing with the specific operating system you plan to use, then at least check to make sure that they offer an option to run the system in some kind of "discrete only" mode as described above.
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