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Default KDE Kwin4 X complete lockup

After a bit of running KDE4 with compositing on (sometimes this is slower than not with it on, sometimes faster), I get a flash of the screen once then X no longer responds to any keyboard input, and the mouse can point but clicks do nothing.

The only way out of this is to restart the machine.

The most interesting thing I can find in logs is this:
[ 49689.104] (II) NVIDIA(0): Setting mode "DFP-1:nvidia-auto-select+0+0"
[260052.114] [mi] EQ overflowing. The server is probably stuck in an infinite loop.
[260052.401] 0: /usr/bin/X (xorg_backtrace+0x28) [0x4a16c8]
[260052.401] 1: /usr/bin/X (mieqEnqueue+0x1c3) [0x4a1043]
[260052.401] 2: /usr/bin/X (xf86PostMotionEventP+0xc2) [0x47da82]
[260052.401] 3: /usr/lib64/xorg/modules/input/evdev_drv.so (0x7f734886f000+0x5514) [0x7f7348874514]
[260052.402] 4: /usr/bin/X (0x400000+0x6bff8) [0x46bff8]
[260052.402] 5: /usr/bin/X (0x400000+0x118986) [0x518986]
[260052.402] 6: /lib/libpthread.so.0 (0x7f734e39c000+0xf150) [0x7f734e3ab150]
[260052.402] 7: /usr/lib64/xorg/modules/drivers/nvidia_drv.so (0x7f7349314000+0x6c1dd) [0x7f73493801dd]
[260052.402] 8: /usr/lib64/xorg/modules/drivers/nvidia_drv.so (0x7f7349314000+0x6da61) [0x7f7349381a61]
[260052.402] 9: /usr/lib64/xorg/modules/drivers/nvidia_drv.so (0x7f7349314000+0xcdbbb) [0x7f73493e1bbb]
[260052.402] 10: /usr/lib64/xorg/modules/drivers/nvidia_drv.so (0x7f7349314000+0x3f482c) [0x7f734970882c]
[260052.402] 11: /usr/lib64/xorg/modules/drivers/nvidia_drv.so (0x7f7349314000+0x3f495f) [0x7f734970895f]
[260052.402] 12: /usr/lib64/xorg/modules/drivers/nvidia_drv.so (0x7f7349314000+0x3e4140) [0x7f73496f8140]
[260052.402] 13: /usr/bin/X (0x400000+0xd64b9) [0x4d64b9]
[260052.402] 14: /usr/bin/X (miTrapezoids+0x2ad) [0x5684ad]
[260052.402] 15: /usr/lib64/xorg/modules/drivers/nvidia_drv.so (0x7f7349314000+0x3e2c49) [0x7f73496f6c49]
[260052.402] 16: /usr/bin/X (0x400000+0xd1cc5) [0x4d1cc5]
[260052.402] 17: /usr/bin/X (0x400000+0x2ee31) [0x42ee31]
[260052.402] 18: /usr/bin/X (0x400000+0x2482a) [0x42482a]
[260052.402] 19: /lib/libc.so.6 (__libc_start_main+0xfd) [0x7f734d321bbd]
[260052.402] 20: /usr/bin/X (0x400000+0x24389) [0x424389]
Bug report log attached.
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File Type: gz nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (60.9 KB, 51 views)
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Default Re: KDE Kwin4 X complete lockup

lol another hang report

Waiting for nouveau to be ready will probably be quicker than waiting for nvidia to fix this.
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Default Re: KDE Kwin4 X complete lockup

@Tatsh: can you try some other mouse+keyboard combo ( but not one from Logitech ) ?

( the infamous [mi] Overflowing + os_raise atomic bugs seem present )
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