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Default Re: Anyone NOT have constant disk access in WinXP?

Originally Posted by Jorolat
I've just installed XP slipstreamed with SP2 onto a new hard drive
(but I'm back on the old OS & HDD now) and as soon as I installed the
modem drivers the svchost disc activity started. I uninstalled the
drivers & the problem went away.

I ain't gotta clue why this is so & it'll be a few days before I can
spend some time on it. In the meantime, if anyone has any ideas I'ld
be glad to hear them!


Ok I tried this and the post above to disable terminal services. Terminal Services were already disabled (by me) so the only thing I had left to do was disable my on-board modem. Once disabled Windows XP wanted me to restart the computer, so I did. Upon restart is when I noticed something I wouldn't have expected...

Active Sync popped up with a message about being unable to read from some of my ports. A little wizard came up with ports to scan, which listed my serial ports, infrared, and USB. I exited the wizard and opened Active Sync, then choose to disable everything but the USB. After a reboot my HD access stopped.

So I wonder if this has something to do with a legacy port scan by applications looking for devices on non-self-aware ports like the serial port. I don't know if this is even the right approach as it started by disabling the modem, but it's definitely worth investigating.

My HD access has stopped so I am happy.
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Default Re: Anyone NOT have constant disk access in WinXP?

I've just registered to say I've been suffering this same problem for the past week and I feel like I could quite easily go insane if I have to listen to this for much longer. The cause is identical; lsass and svchost making constant I/O reads & writes. csrss not so much, although it reads a large amount every now and then, activity in that process seems pretty normal. But oh my god, can anything get svchost and lsass to stop writing?!

Disabled indexing, terminal services, closed every application, monitored filemon and regmon for suspicious activity, scoured startup, services, processes, taskman, performed virus checks with 3 different scanners, cleaned my whole system of crap and junk files, and even attemped a non-destructive WinXP reinstall (which failed because my two RAID1 HDDs make Windows Setup think I have no harddrives installed, thus forces me to quit without any choice. Guh.)

End of rope, don't know what to do, etc etc, going insane, please get me a sledge hammer to quieten it once and for all. Or a fix to do the same. Preferably the latter. I would much prefer the latter. Please... somebody... the grind... it goes crrkk... crrkk... crrkk... crrkk... *cries to herself* ;_;

Any help will, obviously, be hugely appreciated... hope someone out there has found an answer since the last few posts...
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Default Re: Anyone NOT have constant disk access in WinXP?

IO Read Bytes and IO Write Bytes may be to VM resources, not actual disk access. You should use the Performance Monitor and use the PhysicalDisk : Disk Reads Bytes/sec counter to monitor actual disk utilization.

A process that has a fair amount of memory interactivity will use IO Read Bytes/IO Write Bytes. This is not synonymous with disk activity and can include the number of bytes read in input/output operations generated by a process, including file, network, and device I/Os. I/O Read Bytes directed to CONSOLE (console input object) handles are not counted.
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