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Post NVDA Defended At Raymond James: Maybe Apple Could Use Tegra

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Default Re: NVDA Defended At Raymond James: Maybe Apple Could Use Tegra

Apple would be wise to pick another processor like Tegra 2. NVIDIA's experience in the field is unrivaled, and I doubt their A5 (or A6 or whatever's next) can even hold a candle to the Tegra 2. Apple learned how hard it is to control software and hardware with the whole PowerPC era. They'd be smart to move to a more powerful device, and a company that is going to continue to push performance forward.

Originally Posted by Article
Moreover, what Mosesmann really wants to call attention to is how Nvidia has a leg up on Apple (AAPL) in the design of application processors for phones and tablets:

A more interesting dynamic for us as we look at structural issues in the apps processor world is the massive size of the Apple A5 dual core coming in at approximately 122 mm2 (45nm at Samsung). The A5 is a honker of a chip and compares to the A4 at 53 mm2 (45nm at Samsung). In comparison, NVIDIA’s Tegra2 dual core is a svelte 49mm2 (40nm at TSMC). We strongly suspect the upcoming Tegra3 quad core this fall will be smaller than the A5, with industry observers pegging its size at 80mm2 (40nm at TSMC).

The chip, he points out, is almost as big as Intel’s (INTC) “Sandy Bridge” PC processor, which is 140 square millimeters.

“From a semiconductor perspective,” concludes Mosesmann, “Apple is falling behind – way behind.”
Very interesting. If Apple picked up Tegra, it'd be a great move imo. I'd still never buy an iPad, though, since iOS is a steaming pile.
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