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Default Re: Terraria: MineCraft Adventure Game

Eff you steam.... Just got my server switched to tshock. Log into steam and it auto updates my game and I can't play on the server cause it's outdated now.
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Default Re: Terraria: MineCraft Adventure Game

Originally Posted by StoNer View Post
I've kitted my character out with the mage hat that the rarespawn mage guy drops (His names like Tim or Tom or something) and a mage robe to cover up my armor in the social slot.

Max mana and mana rings and every cool spell me and my friends have found so far. I give them all of the melee gear and they give me the spells/mage stuff.

That demon scythe spell is so OP in PVP.
Heh, I've got a setup like that too, wish the jungle set had more armor though, the lack of armor makes it easier to just get the Nights Edge with Molten armor and chop away for most things.
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