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Lightbulb Problems with my GTX 295

Hey all.

Was hoping someone might be able to help me out. First of all, my specs:

CPU - Core i7 920 2.67, OC to 3.66 (this was done for me by the company who build my machine, so I assume they knew what they were doing)

MB - Asus P6T X58 DDR3

PSU - Gigabyte Odin 800w

RAM: Kingston 6GB 1333MHz DDR3

And of course GPU - GTX 295

Driver version for GPU:

I am running two monitors. Main - Dell 24in at 1920 x 1200
and secondary is a Dell 24in at 1920 x 1080 (different models hence the resolution)

I am also running UltraMon to help manage running two monitors.



1) If I turn my monitors off at their power button, and turn them back on (while the computer is on) the secondary monitor will come on and show it's portion of the desktop, however the primary won't come on. It turned on, but doesn't display anything. It would alternate from being on as in 'detecting signal' then go to standby for a second or two, then go again 'detecting signal' and standby, etc.

2) Sometimes, while watching blu ray movies through my computer it would work fine until some random point suddenly my primary monitor just displays static, like a TV out of tune. The DVi symbol will appear at the top, but only static is received. If I turn the monitor off at the power button, and back on, it fixes it.

3) Sometimes when my computer goes on standby (NOT hibernate, hibernate kills my overclock) and when I move the mouse or press key to come back, the screen would alternate on and off as in problem 1.

4) Sometimes whilst playing games, or trying to load them actually, my computer would freeze for a few moments and show me an alert box saying something like 'my display driver has malfunctioned, but has no recovered.'

5) Often when turning my computer on in the morning and when it loads up to desktop it would totally mess up my icons. There seems to be no order for how it messes it up (for example sometimes when res is set to 600 x 400, and back to normal, the icons would be squished into a smaller cube) but the way it messes up my icons here ofter appears to be random. This happens on occasionally however it would happen all the time if I place an icon at the lower most right hand corner. Such as the usual spot for rubbish bin. It would always push it up or in one row upon restart.

That's a gist of it. I have noticed other subtle little problems with it that I honestly just can't recall right now.

So pretty much from what I can tell, my GPU is just REALLY SENSITIVE. As long as I don't make it do anything strange (such as turn of the monitors), it's fine.

But it seems a little too temperamental. Would anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for the help and sorry of the massive first post.
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Default Re: Problems with my GTX 295

wow...still no reply eh?
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Default Re: Problems with my GTX 295

sorry i have zero experience with multiple monitors, but i think maybe you can try newer drivers? use driver sweeper program to remove old ones, restart. I am not sure what OS you are running (Vista or 7), so select what you need on this page, http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us and download and run the driver. see if that helps. If the company that built the computer installed the driver, maybe you have an old driver.

what i do is save the new, downloaded driver to the desktop. Remove your old one, restart, and run new driver from desktop. i hope you get it sorted out
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