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druga runda
Zeus Gromovnik
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Default The Inquirer Blasted


Are we in for another round of website wars...

Apart from that comment above, as a regular reader on both sites it seems to me that the article, or opinion on the Inquirer integrity is harsh.

While you might say that the info they posted was misleading, they did qualify this a rumor (at least now when I read it).

The article in question is here
Furthermore they got Nvidia respond to them directly and they have posted that too now. Going further VR Zone felt free and interpreted the info too... Sooo...

So what I am trying to say is that the Inquirer is still a good place to visit even though they might be posting everything they get hold of, it is mostly correct info. When you try to be on cutting edge you can't wait for official announcments to publish at the same time as CNET and that is pretty much the reason most of us who go there go ---> To get bits of info eary. Even if the info is incorrect sometimes (please remind me when ) their predictions do come true more often than not. However this is only my opinion.

Still giving opinions like this
It's my opinion that none of the news they post can be considered trustworthy.
is surely asking for dislike from them. OK if you don't have any respect for them anymore...
Anyway... having friends,colleagues (or at least not enemies) probably is better than making enemies publicly...

Just thought to post this, and to end my rant I will still read both as I do find both of your sites good with plenty of interesting info.

(If I was wating for offical/PR-ed/*We have designed middleware to bridge the gap between mission critical applications to drill down into a 3D Web-based paradigm* info only and lame reviews I'd be reading CNET and ZDNET )
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You're right. I was too hard on them. I've updated the post to read:

"It's my opinion that some of the news they post can be considered untrue."

I also deleted my rant about hardware reviews referring to crack. This e-mail I received from a visitor did the trick...

"I was at least partially interested in reading your response regarding the accuracy of the Inquirer story however, the sermon on crack makes you sound like a ****ing idiot.

You must be a ****ing idiot and I'm assuming many readers will treat your future posts as such until you can strongly prove otherwise.

Regards ( to a ****ing idiot )"

Once of these days, I won't give a crap what people think about what I post...
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*cough* Detonator40 post *cough*
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i think the Inquirer does enough on thier own to make many people question their credibility.

however, the Inquirer also gets linked so often from so many different and highly trafficed sites, i think it is good that people are made aware that they should read whatever the Inquirer posts with skepticism. i would say at best there is a 50/50 chance that whatever you read there is rubbish when dealing with video card stuff. is bashing them on another news site warranted? i would say so. many people believe whatever they read, even if prior information seems to disprove it. and the Inquirer seems to have a nasty habit of quantifying rumors as facts, which in turn, get spouted off in forums as facts. very annoying.

perhaps the most disturbing thing i've seen at the Inquirer in numerous posts is the lack of journalistic professionalism. i've read plenty of articles there where the author is so ridiculously biased against successful companies like nvidia and Intel. maybe it's just an attempt at humor, but it doesn't sound like it. pot shots are taken so often, and then remarkably there is the ass kissing artlice every so often...by the same author!

i mean honestly, using just the past few months as a measurement, we have seen the Inquirer publish again and again things that would suggest that something is terribly wrong with .13@ TSMC and NV30, and nvidia in general. then just a month ago or so, they had an article saying that nvidia's stock price was undervalued and should skyrocket soon? um...yeah.
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Hello, I'm the guy that, I suppose, instigated this whole mess by sending around emails and translating the PCWatch article.

Anyway, I'd just like to say the in the article in question (http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=5300), that the Inquirer did indeed report false information (explained below). While, if you do read the whole article, they do appear to arrive at the proper conclusion that everything is rumor and speculation, this does not, however, negate the fact that there is one HUGE gaping error in the article.

Here is the quote in question from the Inquirer article:

"A JAPANESE WEB SITE claims to have inside information that indicates Nvidia will introduce its next graphics chip technology in the first quarter of new year, so missing the hectic Yuletide selling season."

Reading the rest of the article, I see no reason to assume that 'a Japanese web site' refers to anything other than PC Watch, as it is the only Japanese web site linked to in the article. I have emailed the Inquirer regarding this matter, and despite my having posed a completely explicit question asking them to confirm or deny whether 'a Japanese web site' is in fact PC Watch, the replies that they have sent me thus far amount to nothing more than 'I don't see what you are talking about'-type responses. I sincerely hope they are not this ignorant.

As for why the above quote is completely incorrect, I am sure any competent person can understand quite easily if they read my translation of the PC Watch article in question. The fact remains that PC Watch did in no such way claim "to have inside information that indicates Nvidia will introduce its next graphics chip technology in the first quarter of new year, so missing the hectic Yuletide selling season." And since the portion of the Inquirer article that I have quoted is apparently the words of the Inquirer itself, I see no reason not to issue a scathing criticism of the Inquirer.

Granted, VR Zone, which is linked to later in the Inquirer article, is also guilty of misinterpreting PC Watch, however, it is not quite to the same degree of the Inquirer's misinterpretation, which went so far as to fabricate the part saying that PC Watch "claims to have inside information".

All I want in the end, I suppose, is to have the Inquirer issue a correction and, even better, an appolgy, however, as they seem to have some kind of problem in responding to the entirety of the emails which I have sent thus far, it would appear that I will not be able to get them to do so.
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Let the Inq die a slow painful death...I refuse to link back to them at EnvyNews, and I know most (if not all) of the staff there is with me as well...

If everyone stops linking back to them, they'll just die off...what a waste of bandwith that site is...
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The Inquirer is a total joke. The Inquirer changed what they originally wrote. They added the "update" heading and re-worded most of it to now sound like it's a rumor based news post.

For me, I like poking fun at this website, they open the door for it with their 50/50 news posting. But the stuff they spew they never take any responsibility with and when they are remotely correct, they leave words saying, "We are the first" or "The only site too..." or "We have said this before here..."...

It's amusing, they seem to tack on more dong to cover previous dong or to use the new dong to add to their rumors to make it sound like they are correct and legit.

I have a voice and I use it. I never link diddly to that site. Plus the owner, what a winner that guy is. Can someone loosen the string around his neck as his head is so big it might burst. :-)

For doing this for awhile, I noticed that some sites are droids to others. If you don't like something or want to comment on something you should very well do so. If you seriously think about it, if not adding criticism to your postings what makes you any different then any other news posting site? Seriously...

Mike, I wouldn't of deleted what I said. If that's how you feel you should stick to your guns bro... :-)

Just tossing in my two cents...

D. Solomon Jr.

Oh! One thing I noticed over at the TI site is that about 99% of the posters plug to one email address: newsdesk@theinquirer.net, even Mike Magee's name. I guess they did this to mask any persons email address from getting spammed? Heh

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Meow Mix Kills
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I never liked "The Inquirer", and never will. They always release "detailed information, from source deep within" blah blah blah...

Frankly I don't bother reading anything they post, because I would rather read legit news from places like nV News & other such "Respected" sites. The Inquirer is comparable to their print bretheren "The Enquirer". I'm surprised they haven't claimed:

details on page 30"


"ATI DEVELOPS NEW STRAIN OF DRIVERS! CEO CLAIMS: 'These are more buggier than any of the others, we are proud to anounce the Apocolyptic Driver Set!'"

Btw, In no way was I picking out just ATI & Nvidia there, The Inquirer posts complete misinformation on just about every single tech topic there is. My advice is to stay away from them, go to your local grocery store and pickup a "Real Tabloid". Atleast their articles are 1/2way funny
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There was another peice of crap they wrote about terrorists working for M$ and they made the bugs in Windows OS's on purpose so they can take over any computer in the world or something. That was truly sad.
"Never before has any voice dared to utter the words of that tongue in Imladris, Mr. Anderson" - Elrond LOTR

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Most everyone already know how I feel about them, but in case you missed the attack they made at me due to a *cough*Inquirer*cough* remark I made on 3DGPU (see bottom of this post), here ya go: http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=4801

In any case, this new series of event doesn't surprise me in the least. I've posted up on my site some more details, but it's not the first time Inquirer has attacked us. Poor Mike gets so defensive, it leaves no doubt that what they do is posting up crap in hopes of drawing attention. Unfortunately, it works. A lot of people are suckered into it, and then people defend them with that "oh they are on the cutting edge, they're bound to be wrong" crap. Bull****, they like to brag how they are true "journalists" yet true journalists always follow through with their stories and only posts the facts that they've come across. The Inquirer are the complete opposite, and post whatever gets them the most attention. Is that so wrong? You be the judge, but for me, it warrants me never linking to them, and I've never linked to them or even acknowledged them before they even attacked me or my site.

I'm just waiting to see if Mr. Magee has one of his pet "journalists" write a stupid article again calling NVNews and 3DChipsets Communists or something similiar.
Matt Burris - 3DGPU.com
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The "journalists" (yeah right) at the Inquirer are sad. The amount of bashing they do on 3dGPU is sad. Why don't they get a life and do some real work for a change and help out the community instead of degrading it?

MikeC and Matt, you guys should have hit them where it hurts, in their credibility. The Inquirer "journalists" are bloody liers and hold good websites like NvNews and 3dGPU in contempt because they can't get enough attention for themselves.

What good is it to go soft on a site with such a disgusting and disturbing demeanour?
The Inquirer are frauds, liers and scumbags. I would love to see them go down.

BTW: WTF is it the Inquirers business even if you were a communist (not implying you are). It is none of their business about your personal life. Tell the dumb f***s off. We need internet police to clean up such trashy comments and news from the Inquirer.
"Never before has any voice dared to utter the words of that tongue in Imladris, Mr. Anderson" - Elrond LOTR

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Whatever inq posts, should be taken with a grain of salt...no more no less.
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