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Default GTX560 Ti TOP Transparancy AA gone?

Hi huys.

I built myself a new rig yesterday (sold my i7 rig last year):

CM 690 Case
i5 2500K + Mugen 2
MSI P67 GD55
4 gig Kingston HyperX 1333MHz
2 x Seagate 500GB RAID0
1 x WD 1TB
ASUS GTX560Ti TOP 900MHz (@1GHz )

I'm wondering where the transparancy AA option in the drivers is? I thought it could be turned on or of or something? My last nV card was a GTX280 in SLi, after that I had some HD5000 cards. Maybe i'm missing something?

Using 275.33 nV drivers with my 560 by the way.

OMG i feel like a newbie.
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