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Default Problems with new PC

I got a new Pc with the following specs :

P4 2.4C with HT
Asus P4P800 mainboard
Transcend DDR 333MHz, 256mb RAM
XFX Graphics GeForce Ti4200 AGP 8X card
Samsung 60gb HDD
ASUS 40x CD-Writer
Pinnacle PCTV Pro TV tuner
Logitech Cordless Elite Duo
Samsung 763MB 17" monitor
Altec Lansing pseakers
etc, etc

Some problems have cropped up.

1) The Keyboard and mouse receiver is connected to a USB port. While installing Win98SE, I don't get mouse and/or keyboard support in DOS

2) Upon finally finishing installtion and after installing all necessary drivers, the 'windows' key on the keyboard doesn't work. Nor can I 'shift+arrow' select text for copying. The cursor just moves across.

3) Multimedia files (mp3, mpg, avi etc) play with jerks.

4) Can't capture audio while capturing video through Tv Tuner. SoundMax software reverts to Mic recording even after specifying Line recording.

5) The system tab in control panel shows a question mark in front of Logitech PS/2 mouse though it is connected to the USB port

The vendor says that all these problems are due to the old OS and will disappear after installing WinXP.

Will they really? Are they really due to the OS and not for any other reason? He has shown me a similar system running perfectly under WinXP.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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For the answer to #1 on your list, you should be able to go into your BIOS and specify USB keyboard and mouse support via BIOS or OS. Make sure you set that to BIOS.

As for the rest, I have no doubt that upgrading to XP will solve most of your problems. I personally have had nothing but trouble trying to get new hardware to run in harmony with Windows 98. If you need 98 for classic gaming, get yourself a second, less powerful rig. 98 will work much better.
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Most of it sounds as drivers issues. USB should not be a problem in Win98SE but it can be, its old and at the time Usb was new as a feature in windows. I am confident that XP will solve those problems for you. But you would need a clean install, no upgrade to be on the safe side.

Ive had tons of problems with my old computer while using win98se. Mostly due to drivers. I was more lucky with my new rig (everything works as it should under win98se ... but only with all the propper drivers installed).
What you could do is to try and find the most recent drivers for everything that has to do with chipset and mobo.

With your mobo you should have a cd, some times things works with out using it, even so you should use it and install all those driver related things.

You could also try to reinstall Win98se from scratch again but this time be sure to follow these steps in this sequence:

Enable USB Support, if possible let it auto configure IRQ and such.
Check for USB keyboard support, Enable it.
Install win98 as you would normaly do.
Use your mobo cd and install all the drivers for chipset, usb and ide controll.
Then install aproapriate drivers for your devices (mouse, keyboard, gfxcard and so on).

This is all based on my own trial and error so some ppl here might dissagree, It has always worked for me so it can be worth a shot.

Well you let us know if you have any luck
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Thanks everyone. I took your opinion and installed winxp.

The system runs very well now and all my above mentioned problems have vanished. I even ran 3DMark2001SE without tweaking my system and got a score of 11220. How's that!!!
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