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Default To all RH users

Don't you think you're posting the same problem here over and over again since forever?

Maybe you shold try another distro like Slackware or ...Slackware

I know it's kinda hard to install OS but I just have to tell you since I got rid of RH 7.3 last month I never had problem to compile or install any application.

I also hope RH is going to change their "politics" with 8.0 (7.4) version.
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I agree that RH is letting politics get in the way of a good distro. I use RH 7.3, but RH continually makes the same mistakes over and over again. Unfortunately, I use RH because that is what is used at work and I want to keep my install standard. So did Slackware automatically detect the nVidia hardware(somebody said the Mandrake 9.0 RC2 did)?
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