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Post Red Orchestra 2 dedicated servers detailed, will use VAC and Punkbuster

A member of the Red Orchestra 2 beta team has posted on the Bash and Slash forums confirming that Red Orchestra 2 will support both ranked and unranked dedicated servers. Blues News spotted the post, which says that ranked servers will be monitored by the developers so that those who misbehave can be easily banned.

Server customisation will include 'things that other developers have been removing over the last few years,' according to the Bash and Slash poster. Tripwire announce on their forums that this means support for custom rulesets on unranked servers. A 'bespoke server tool' can be used to customise 'weapons, classes, game types, gameplay elements and scoring elements.' LAN play will also be supported.

Tripwire are keen to make sure that Red Orchestra's battles are free of cheaters. During a Teamspeak conference, Tripwire revealed that Red orchestra 2 will use both Valve's Anti Cheat system (VAC), and Punkbuster simultaneously.

There's also a demo recording function and built in spectator modes to cater to the competitive gaming scene, and the game will support plenty of client-side customisation, including custom keybinding and custom user interfaces. The game will release with ten 64-player maps that can be scaled down to 16 and ten player battles.

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad is due to be released sometime later this year. Find out more in our Red Orchestra 2 preview, and on the official site.

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