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Capt. Picard
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Default Would this actually work?

Theoretically I suppose ...

I don't know what the first one is but from the second adapter it is parallel - serial - ps2 - usb.

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Default Re: Would this actually work?

No that would not work.
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Default Re: Would this actually work?

Not only would it not work, but it appears there's two USB ports to the left a bit.
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Default Re: Would this actually work?

Why won't it work? There are USB to Parallel adapters that you can buy which is basically the same thing you see in the picture.
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Default Re: Would this actually work?

LOL! Not a hope that that would do anything useful

@Roadhog : What are you suggesting that this might be capable of? :P By the look of the picture, the last thing in the chain is a USB memory stick. The other end is a printer port. So printing form the PC will do what exactly? I don't think the PC would even recognise that anything was plugged into it as you would need the necessary handshake signals on the parallel port for that to work which would require a printer. Also, at the USB end, it would need to be accessed as a removable drive which it can't possibly be as it's all plugged into the printer port
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