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Default Has anyone a running EPoX 8RDA w/ nvidia gfx drivers?

Hello all,

I am now really off. I am trying for over two months to get the nVidia binary river to work with my new system. "nv" works, but i suffer from the black / ASCII screen failure.
However, in this special case it seems to have to do with my EPoX 8RDA mobo.

Does anyone have a running combination? Please, if so, post your configs (hardware, kernel, X etc.).
I just want to know, if this is possible at all.

For information what others an I have tried, I refer to this thread:

Although listed there, just a short note on my config:
- AMD AThlon XP 2600
- EPoX 8RDA (almost up to date, last BIOS did not work)
- Xelo Geforce2 MX400
- Realtek NIC (8139D)
- onboard sound (i810)
- Debian sid, X Window 4.2x

Most probably it is IRQ-related. But i have few HW, tried w/ and w/o APIC (and ACPI), tried 2.6.0test2 etc. Still no luck. I really tried all tricks found in this forum and those listed in the thread above - still no luck.

Thank you, Timo
Athlon XP 2600
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The nvidia driver (1.0.4363) works with the following configuration:

EP-8RDA+ (Bios 07/16)
Athlon XP 2100+ (1733)
FSB freq = Memory Bus freq (266)
nVidia FX5200 (0x0322)


Local APIC / IO-APIC disabled in kernel (if I enable Local APIC, I get the ASCII screen)
agpgart disabled in kernel (have not tested if it works)
NvAGP "1"
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Hello rwx,

Thank you for your reply! I have got almost the same config (the only diff so far is that i have one previous version of the BIOS, it failed for me [broken borad?] - although the only difference between the two BIOS' is the updated BPL...).
Could you post your .config from your kernel?
If this is a standard gentoo kernel, you should have this when installing its sources.
This would be great!

Thank you and greetings, Timo
Athlon XP 2600
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I have a working configuration with an EPoX 8RDA. Spec are:

Athlon XP 2200+
2x256 Corsair PC2700
Abit Siluro Geforce 4 4200 128Mb

BIOS: 0129
Mandrake 9.1

Driver: nVidia 3123 drivers

all drivers or BIOS newer than that gives me the black screen and the 3123 drivers work almost perfectly except that the Ctrl+/- res change does not which is a bit annoying when using the twinview
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