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Default GTX295 dual monitors - winXP

Hi all,

I just got a second monitor which i would love to set up in tandem with my current one. As the title suggests i am using a GTX295 gfx card. So far i have my current monitor plugged in to one port of the card (as it has always been) and i have plugged the other screen into the other port on the card. I then restarted my computer because nothing was showing up in display>properties>settings.

After restarting the computer i went back to display>properties>settings and it showed another monitor that was not enabled. When i click on the second monitor and tick "extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor" and then apply. My main monitor goes black for a second and comes back on but the other monitor doesn't turn on at all. Also when the original monitor comes back on the number two monitor in the settings tab is disabled again.

Am i doing something wrong or is this not possible...i have done some searching but nothing seems to help with my problem. Oh and by the way my main monitor uses a DVI cord and the second monitor is using a VGA cord with a DVI converter so it will connect to the GTX295...does that change anything?

Any help is much appreiciated.
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Default Re: GTX295 dual monitors - winXP

Try a cool little program called UltraMon. I'm sure they would have a free trial on their website (personally I paid for it. About $20 for a lifetime subscription or something) and it just handles my monitors perfectly. offers you lost of settings too.
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Default Re: GTX295 dual monitors - winXP

Does it ever show a #1 monitor?
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Default Re: GTX295 dual monitors - winXP

Did you disable the multi gpu setting?
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Default Re:

Really a very interesting and informative post.
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