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Default Plans for 8-bit overlay on Quadro4 NVS?

We have 4 brand new Dell machines with the Quadro4 NVS card. Need to run a proprietary legacy application called ArcView that will only work correctly with an 8-bit window. The Quadro4 NVS is the ONLY Quadro4 card that doesn't support 8-bit overlay onto a 24-bit display.

1) Is 8-bit overlay support (Option CIOverlay) possible/planned?

2) If it is planned for, what is the timeline?

3) Any other options to solve the problem?

Currently the only thing that allows ArcView to display properly is to make the display 8-bit.

Looked at VNC: can't do it for just a window - wants to do the entire desktop. Authentication is wonky.

Looked at XFree86: won't have software based overlay for some time. Not really on their list of hot topics. Support for hardware overlay is available with XFree86 drivers for many other cards though.

Looked at running two X desktops on 2 different virtual consoles, 1 at 24-bit, the other at 8-bit.
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A Quadro4NVS has the name of a Quadro4 but is in fact a lot different from the other Quadro4 cards. The "normal" Quadro4 is based on the Geforce4 Ti while the Quadro4NVS is based on the Geforce4MX (which is an updated Geforce2MX). This is a huge difference and likely because of this difference the feature you need isn't available on the card.
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