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Default Sharing: A Shareza tutorial/guide.

Me and Hanners whipped up an introduction to the fab world of file-sharing using Shareaza, you can check it out here at EB.

I'm in love with file-sharing, it's a GOOD THING(tm)!
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Depends whats you're sharing. If you're sharing copyrighted material its a bad thing.

Just windin'

Whats sharezara anyway? is that like kazaa?
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Been using shareaza for about three days now and it sucks, no one will share, it is a HUGE resource hog, and there are just as much crap files as kazaa.
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At first I found it to be great Digi but then I started to think it didnt work. I couldn't down a thing, I would get like 7 hits for what I wanted but then couldn't down it. It however worked when I did a Bit Torrent link..
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