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Default [solved] 304.32 Problem with wine and game oblivion

first sorry for my bad not so good English ;-)

current nvidia driver 304.32 makes my wine game Oblivion mostly unplayable. Game starts absolutely normal as before the upgrade, i could start a new game and load old savegames. But older savegames work only when they were saved in "interior cells" like houses. If i try to load a savegame saved in exterior places it stuck loading at 90%. Also if i load a savegame with interior and try to walk "outside": i end with a black screen, it never renders the exterior world. But i hear sounds and the game itself do not crash or so.
Also i see no error/warnings, neither in system logs nor in users dirs/files. Wine itself brings up also nothing what i would say: an error/warning.

Installing/Rollback to previous version 302.17 make the game usable like before, so i would say i could "mark" this behavior on the nvidia drivers.
Maybe something with the amount of data which have to load in video ram, interior cells use the same engine as exterior cells, but use lesser memory/render ressources?

Some system data:
Archlinux 64bit up-to-date (with lib32-multilibs)
Kernel 3.4.7
Wine 1.5.10
NvidiaGPU GT218 [GeForce 210]
CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5600+

//Edit: I have two other games as a reference (AssassinCreed and Fallout3). They work properly both with 302.17 and 304.32 nvidia versions. It's only Oblivion for me which do not work with 304.32.

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Default Re: [304.32] Problem with wine and game oblivion

solved with 304.37 and kernel 3.4.8

I'm really happy to get rid of the exploit < 304.32, and have a markable performance boost since 304.32 (against 302.17)
Thanks for reading.
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