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Default Crysis 1.21 64-bit Problem(s)

So I have two questions:

#1, when running Crysis (patch 1.21) in 64-bit DX10 mode, no matter how I have the graphics settings configured (including settings in the autoexec.cfg/system.cfg) it always defaults the r_TexAtlasSize cvar to 1024, instead of 2048 (2048 is the correct setting for 'very high'). R_dyntexmaxsize does the same thing: it switches to 64 instead of staying at 80. So, if anyone has any experience w/this or insight into it, please let me know.

#2, I'm running this on a phenom ii X4 970 (OC'd to 3.7ghz), w/8gigs of DDR3 ram and a superclocked geforce 570gtx... Running the 'assault harbor' benchmark on 'very high' settings, DX10, 64-bit, vsych disabled @ 1920x1080, I get like 30~fps average, at best. Does this sound about right?

Thanks for your time guys!
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