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Post GDC 2012: new PhysX and APEX technology revealed

Gametrailers has published several videos, revealing what kind of newest additions to PhysX SDK engine and APEX Framework were showcased at NVIDIA Booth, at current GDC.

First video is showing yet experimental technology ' new cloth solver and real-time fracturing.

Wooly character contains 840 000 particles simulated as 100 000 invidual strands of fur ' seems to be the work of clothing solver, introduced in PhysX 3.

Real-time fracturing will be nice addition to the APEX Destruction module, which, currently, is utilizing only pre-fractured meshes. Fracturing happening in real-time, accordingly to impact force and point of damage application will certanly make destruction look more natural and immersive.

Second video is showcasing production technology: APEX Turbulence, APEX Destruction and APEX Clothing modules integrated in UE3.

APEX Turbulence module, so far only featured in Dark Void title is making a coming back ! Fully realisitic and dynamic smoke or dust it can produce would be welcomed addition to upcoming games.

APEX Destruction was demonstrated in a form of good old Art Gallery scene, used at previous GDC as well.

And finally, Samaritan character was utilized to showcase capabilities of clothing simulation through APEX Clothing module.

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