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Post The Importance of Your Eye Health for Stereoscopic 3D Perception

I've talked about the fact that often getting bad experience when watching 3D content can be due to multiple different reasons, one of the most common being the bad quality of the 3D content, but it actually is only one of the possible reasons. Actually one of the other very common reasons that often gets overlooked is the possibility of the viewer having a problem with his/hers vision. It is not that you might need to wear glasses, even if you are wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses they may not be good for watching 3D, as it also depends on what type of an issue with your vision they are intended to correct. In reality every person sees the world differently and that goes for 3D movies as well and when you don't have a base to compare you usually blame the content for the bad experience and don't try to look for the problem in other places‚?¶ it is simply the easiest thing to do.

The problem can really be inside yourself, and while in 3D movies we don't have the option to tweak the depth and convergence experience, like in stereo 3D games, you can play with other things that can change the experience at least a bit. But no matter what 3D content you are watching and on what display (also important factor for a good 3D experience) if you have trouble with your vision you might be disappointed from the 3D in overall, thinking that all the 3D content you've tried is actually bad, flat or whatever while at the same time the problem might be in you. If you go to a 3D movie or watch one at home that everybody is saying is great and looks simply astonishing in stereo 3D, but you are disappointed from the experience you are getting, that is a good hint that you should go and check your eyes, as most of the time the problem can be resolved if you have some sort of an issue with your vision. Of course it is not necessary that your vision might be the reason for you not getting good 3D experience, and eliminating all the possible setbacks is the only way that you can ensure that you are getting the best 3D experience you can. There is an interesting publication covering more in-depth the subject about problems with vision and stereo 3D over at Barry Sandrew's blog that you can take a look at if you are interested in how issues with vision could affect your perception of 3D‚?¶

- To read why 'People Who Hate 3D Movies Should Have Their Eyes Examined'‚?¶

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Default Re: The Importance of Your Eye Health for Stereoscopic 3D Perception

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